Rubanomics from HER lens of Abundance #Shepreneurs

She is the catalyst in the process of creating access, choice and convinience to the consumer. She is the great boost of energy that is the asset to the nation’s holistic growth including economy and happiness.

Creating an ease of doing business for her by leveraging technology is driven by the multifold intention of :

generating sustainable livelihoods, fostering an ecosystem of hyper-local economy and driving a paradigm shift in the world of patriarchial influence.

Her priceless contribution to the lives of citizens dwelling in the villages of India can never be dignified enough. But the least that can be done as an effort towards compensating for the dystopian ways of traditional Indian civilization is to build a platform where she can realize her untapped potential in contributing towards nation building.

This platform is being created and the lens is being zoomed in on how efficiently it can be done such that she makes use of choices, spaces and opportunities in economic, social and political spheres for her improved well being.The intention is such that her untapped potential is explored to the fullest; such that she has control over her increased income and invests in herself and in her family’s well-being; she has an enhanced status and influence at household and local levels; norms, attitudes and practices that undermine her are transformed; and the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship is nurtured in her; This dream can be manifested with the collective action of every stakeholder in the ecosystem — from capital and credit to the govt and civil society; from the world of profits and balances to the Man of the house .

She is the She-preneur who fits like the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of the rubanomics of creating hyper-local economies. On her shoulder lies the boulder of success driven by countless theories of change and umpteen policies.

Objectives : Financial Independence (Vulnerable , marginalized) ; Sustainable Livelihoods; Creating job creators; Entrepreneurial Mindset; ruban linkages

Problem Statement : Lack of self esteem/self reliance

•Women are not self reliant hence they are unable to realize their full potential

Symptoms :

•1. Vulnerability

•2. Lack of equal opportunities

•3. Patriarchal Influence

  • 4. The need for external support

•Women tend to be involved in more than one economic activity simultaneously and take up informal and unprotected work in the absence of alternative means of generating income.

•Women from indigenous and grassroots communities are often also custodians of traditional knowledge, which is key for their communities’ livelihoods, resilience and culture.

  • Training women to deliver behavioral change in terms of gender sensitivity, proportionate involvement in paid work, social norms, equal access to education, financial, healthcare..

An entrepreneurial spirit is hard to nurture because of time and mobility constraints :

• Rural women spend more time than urban counterparts, and than men, on reproductive and household work, including time spent collecting water and fuel, husking, processing food and caring for children and the sick.

  • Their major weakness is the lack of Validation & Recognition by the society as neither their economic nor non-economic contribution is adequately acknowledged.

The saddest part is the ever-widening gap between the 100,000,000 interventions on capitalist, socialist and communist levels and their actual utilisation by the beneficiaries.

While it’s vitally important that the market, capital, policy and civil society interventions align with technology and other pillars of growth and development; there needs to be brought an innovative way to maximise the utilisations of these interventions such that growth is sped up.

On a National level, it’s estimated that advancing women’s equality in India could boost its GDP by $0.7 trillion in 2025 or 16% as compared to the ‘business as usual’ scenario.

Who will the save the nation from patriarchial influence?

Collectivization catalyses change.

Let’s collectivize our consciousness, to collectivize change for the upcoming leaders of India : Her Village-women , Her She-preneurs.

Photo by Srimathi Jayaprakash on Unsplash



“If many little people, in many little places, did many little things, they can change the face of the Earth”

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Aishwarya Jain

“If many little people, in many little places, did many little things, they can change the face of the Earth”